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  • HT83 Santa Claus Build Christmas game HT83 Santa Claus Build Christmas game 83652 plays Santa Claus in ChristMas time, attack the enemy animal to take the presents and kill boss.
  • HT83 Santa Claus Jumper game HT83 Santa Claus Jumper game 29423 plays Please help santa jump through chimneys to collect gifts
  • Breakfast Cooking Game Breakfast Cooking Game 25158 plays Wake up in a shining morning and start the day in the best way. Prepare yourself a healthy breakfast and a fresh drink. This recipe is very quick to make if you pay attention and you don`t need any chef skills for it. Have fun cooking the breakfast!
  • Fish Decoration Fish Decoration 19844 plays Your father is a fisherman and on every week he brings you a lot of fish. Until now you tried various fish decoration but today it`s time for something different. A professional chef brought the fanciest decoration to you so you have many options. Try the best fish decoration and share it with us. Enjoy it!
  • Beach Serving Game Beach Serving Game 18938 plays Life on the beach is awesome. There is the place where you can get fun and forget about school, work or problems. Here is the place where you relax and do what you like to do. Last week you came on the beach and opened a new fast food stand in order to raise some money. Do this and take the orders from your customers.
  • Wizard 101 Wizard 101 16810 plays Wizard101 is a Free to play Online Multiplayer Wizard school adventure video game with collectible cards magic spells and creatures, wizard pvp duels, and exotic worlds! Players create and play young student Wizards.
  • Farmland Farmland 16581 plays Hate farming? Play this game! Plow the soil, plant crops, raise chickens and cows, and collect those fat farmer profits!
  • Lovely Mermaid Dress Up Lovely Mermaid Dress Up 15646 plays This pretty and lovely mermaid is known for making fall in love many sailors that later follow her into the deep waters. She is one of the most beautiful creatures on the earth and she has to look great at all time. Choose a pretty look for her starting with the hairstyle, tail and top and finishing up with the jewelries. Enjoy this fantasy dress up game!
  • Dora's Magical Garden Dora's Magical Garden 15326 plays Let's plant in the magic Garden! Pick a seed, then plant it in a pot. Click on the watering can to water the plant. Use the magic dust to make your plant grow faster.
  • Dragon Dragon 15041 plays Save the princes from the vicious dragon.
  • McDrive Serving McDrive Serving 14402 plays It`s been a busy day at McDrive. Anybody is in hurry, all the customers want to receive their order in a very short time, they are busy with their jobs today. To manage proud the McDrive serving service we need you to serve the food to the people according to their requests. Make a good job here!
  • Hellbreed Hellbreed 14191 plays Hellbreed is an action rpg, or diablo-like, 'hack and slash' rpg if you prefer. It is a browser game, so it can be played without downloading. Just enter your email and a password and you will be immediately directed to the game.
  • Elements (fantasy online CCG) Elements (fantasy online CCG) 13727 plays Elements is one of the best fantasy collectible card games (CCG). The player is an elemental, a spirit composed of an element; elements are the fundamental building blocks of nature. Each elemental has an arsenal of skills that can be used in a duel against another elemental; each skill corresponds to a card. The player can pick which and how many cards to use in the duel and collect them together in a card deck.
  • Farm Fun Farm Fun 13278 plays Run your own farm. Plant some vegetable or fruit, or sell the chicken eggs.
  • Donut Bar Donut Bar 12465 plays Open wide and take a giant bite of chocolate-covered, deep-fried fun!
  • Forest Fairy Forest Fairy 12369 plays Forest Fairy Dress up: In the mysterious forest there live many fairies. Among them you will find Adela, one of the most charming fairies of all. Dress her up to make her sparkle with beautiful and unique costumes.
  • Fairy Kingdom Fairy Kingdom 12232 plays Fairy Kingdom: Welcome to the kingdom of Cute Fairies! They are very lovely and cute. They have some sense of style and fashion too. See how they dress up in their kingdom
  • Sauteed Foie Gras Sauteed Foie Gras 11589 plays It`s time to make a delicious dinner by yourself so you should cook the sauteed foie gras recipe. Sauteed foie gras is delicious served with slices of caramelized fruits, such as apples, peaches, figs, or cherries. The combination makes it an unforgettable alternative appetizer. Enjoy the cooking lesson!
  • Santa Claus dress up Santa Claus dress up 11524 plays Dress Santa Claus in various red joyful outfits. Have fun with your creations and once you're done simply print and share with your friends.
  • Angry Zombies 2 Game Angry Zombies 2 Game 11462 plays Shoot as fast as you can to protect your roof from angry attacking zombies!
  • Wings Of Genesis Wings Of Genesis 11443 plays Slay monsters and demons as you ride your spirit beast and upgrade your level skill.
  • Ant Hill Picnic  Ant Hill Picnic 11411 plays These ants are getting ready for the long winter ahead and they have collected every type of food they could get their tiny hands on. Unfortunately, in the process of gathering supplies, they also managed to steal all the letters of the alphabet! It will be your job to find them, by looking through their ant hill and finding all the hidden letters.
  • Papa's Taco Mia Papa's Taco Mia 11399 plays Take a bite of this tasty, tempting, Mexican treat!
  • Glitter Tinkerbell Fairy Glitter Tinkerbell Fairy 11386 plays Glitter Tinkerbell Fairy Dress up: You've seen Tinker Bell, you've heard about the tooth fairy and you've read all about the sugar plum fairy, but did you ever get the chance to meet a Glitter fairy? Not only will it be your chance to meet one, you'll be able to dress her up and play with her as well! As any respectable glitter fairy (not to mention a princess!), she wears a lot of shiny, glittery clothes that spark into the magical sunlight and the combinations are endless as there's really nothing you can have her wear that wouldn't suit her. Enjoy!
  • Dress up Earth Fairy Dress up Earth Fairy 11295 plays Dress up Earth Fairy: Welcome to the jungle! You've come upon an Earth fairy. Pick her wings, choose a hair do and help her try on crowns. Put a pretty dress on her then pick shoes! You even get to choose a background. Have fun with Earth Fairy Dress Up! The Earth Fairy needs to be dress up and be one with nature.
  • Little Mermaid Princess Little Mermaid Princess 11044 plays Have you ever read the story of mermaids? Mermaids are very mysterious. They are quite kind, beautiful and ready to help others. Do you love these cute mermaids and would you like to see them? Come here to play this game, you will see the enchanting mermaids. Help her dress up to become a stylish and fashional mermaid!
  • Fairy Finder Game Fairy Finder Game 10948 plays Fairy Finder Game: Your mission in this game is to make a perfect copy of the fairy. Choose the dress, hairstyle, even skin color and accessories before time runs out. Enjoy!
  • Plantasia Plantasia 10792 plays Dig a hole, plant a seed, water it to make it grow and harvest it to get points.

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